New Innovation @ The Neon Pigeon Bar

by Reuben Oh @ 21 Sep 2018
New Innovation @ The Neon Pigeon Bar
Bartender Corbin Tay from Neon Pigeon has gone wild with creativity, coming up with cocktails that are at once drunken ,and utterly delicious palate pleasers. He's bared an ear to the customers that've came and went to his little corner in the restaurant, taken inspiration, and transformed traditional cocktails into iinovative creations. The fresh menu is divided into nine distinctive categories: Negroni's, Refreshing, Old Fashioned's, Clippings, Punches, Ice Ice Baby, Elegant, Frizante, and Lemony - with each category showcasing two contrasting cocktails, representing interpretations of classics

For the caffiene addicts out there, the Not Classic is a sure bet, and the perfect digestif. Sake and Umeshu, steeped in cold brew coffee, is infused in-house with cinnamon wood smoke, showcasing delicate oak notes. Cofee liquer and chocolate bitters are added for depth and sweetness, which is delicately balanced with the acidity from the pineapple infused sake. A chunk of homemade aerated chocolate is added as a garnish for this ultimate indulgence.

Wasabi in a cocktail? It may have been done before, but it might've never been done as well as this. Pushing the boundaries of Japenese-inspired cocktails, Wasabi Drop boldy mixes Wasabi into a delightful blend of T&T vodka and in-house infused granola sake. The sake gives a touch of nuttiness, which balances out the citrus and spiciness of wasabi. The further addition of lime sorbet elevates the refreshing properties of this cocktail, making it the perfect drink for any time of the day.
That's a funky looking glass, with a real crowd pleaser within. The Citrus is a zesty combination of Mount Gay Rum, Chamomile Cointreau and Sake Rose Wine. The rich flavor of dark rum is enhanced by Citrus cello, which is made in-house, using re-purposed discarded fruit peel and garnishes. Ensuring minimal waste, the team at Neon Pigeon is encouraged to use all parts of a product.
Cobin, a Melaka native thats made his rounds in the city of Kuala Lumpur and now Singapore, is definitely a name to watch!