Launch of Singapore’s New Destination Brand – Passion Made Possible

by Kerlyn Tan @ 02 Mar 2018
Launch of Singapore’s New Destination Brand – Passion Made Possible
Passion Made Possible’ is Singapore’s new destination brand that was launched in Australia just last week. Two of Singapore’s top homegrown chefs, Malcolm Lee and Janice Wong met up with Australian celebrity chefs Adam Liaw and Anna Polyviou to serve up a meal of Singaporean flavors. We hear from Lynette Pang, Assistant Chief Executive, Marketing Group, Singapore Tourism Board as she shares with us STB’s aims.
CWA: What is the reason / motivation behind the new “Passion Made Possible” brand? 
Lynette Pang : In August 2017, the Singapore Tourism Board, toether with the Singapore Economic Development Board, unveiled a unified brand “Singapore – Passion Made Possible”, to market Singapore internationally for tourism and business purposes. The new brand seeks to change existing perceptions and build positive mindshare globally amidst increasing competition by articulating Singapore’s attitude and mindset. This attitude of a passion-driven, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues possibilities and reinvention captures the spirit of Singapore – a place shaped by its people and their passions. 
With the Passion Made Possible brand, more than just showcasing our product offerings, we are taking an inside-out approach by now celebrating the deeper stories and authentic experiences of Singapore.
CWA : Why / how were the tribes chosen and how important is the ‘Foodie’ tribe?
Lynette Pang: STB has grouped potential visitors together based on their lifestyles, interests and what they travel for. Such groups of people, united by a common passion, are referred to as “Passion Tribes”. The idea behind tribes is to present Singapore as a destination which enables visitors to meet like-minded individuals and deepen their passions. The Foodie tribe refers to people who delight in culinary experiences, and it is among one of the four tribes unveiled when STB first launched its global tourism campaign in August 2017. As Singapore is widely known as a food haven with a multitude of cross-cultural influences, heritage flavours and a diverse dining scene, the Foodie tribe is an important one which resonates well with Australians. Thus, STB came up with the AU x SG Foodies Dinner event, an innovative dinner format for Australian and Singaporean foodies to celebrate their shared passion for good food and warm hospitality. This is part of STB’s aim to deliver engaging, different and creative experiences while sharing the Passion Made Possible brand with our audiences around the world.
CWA : What does STB hope to see in the future with this new branding?
Lynette Pang : First launched in Singapore in August 2017, the brand has since been introduced in 17 overseas markets through consumer activations, trade events, industry partnerships, and global marketing campaigns featuring campaign films and visuals. Australia was the 18th launch. Response from international media and trade partners has been very positive, with most applauding the fresh and inspirational approach to destination marketing. 
Moving forward, we hope that Passion Made Possible will help to build greater affinity with consumers and in turn lead more potential tourists to think of Singapore as a preferred destination. In presenting a consistent message to local and international tourism through a joint brand, we also hope to maximise our brand impact and create top-of-mind recall for consumers when choosing Singapore as a destination.
We also spoke with Chef Janice Wong, one of the two participating chefs who flew over to Australia to promote Singapore’s food in lieu of the Passion Made Possible campaign. She shares with us her experience and insights.
CWA: How did you get involved in this project?

Janice Wong: I was invited by STB to collaborate with Anna Polyviou. I’ve known about Anna for five years and I have always admired her energy and creative work, it was definitely very exciting for me to show her my Singapore and be inspired by our country and cuisine. 
CWA : How was the experience working alongside the chefs from Australia?
Janice Wong: It was very creative, positive and inspirational. The fusion of our different styles really represented the coming together of two cities for this particular collaboration and we were very proud to present this united effort to diners simultaneously in Singapore and Sydney.  

CWA : How different are the food cultures and was it easy to come to terms with the dishes to serve?
Janice Wong : Singapore flavours are definitely more contrasting with sweet, sour and spicy tastes, whereas Australia is known for its agriculture and wide variety of high quality, fresh produce. Singapore local dishes are unique in their flavours and textures, while Australian cuisine is very fresh and colourful. The collaboration was a very interesting opportunity to present a mish-mash of that and enable diners to experience a wide range of culinary influences.
CWA : How was the menu decided upon and what were the concerns with executing it in two different countries?

Janice Wong : The menu was organically created by Anna and myself, during her visit to Singapore last December. We started as soon as she arrived and I introduced her to pandan kaya toast for breakfast, chicken curry noodle and ice kachang for lunch and everything in between. The creative process reflects her interpretation of Singapore with its incredible architecture, the tropical climate and my interpretation of my home as a city in a garden with its unique flavours and aromatics. 

CWA : What do you think about Singapore’s new “Passion Made Possible” brand and how does it relate to you as a chef?

Janice Wong : I think it’s really reflective of the Singaporean people, I definitely belong to the foodie tribe and I believe that many others do as well! Singapore fosters creativity and encourages people to be inspired – that also applies to my work in the kitchen.

CWA : What does it say about Singapore’s future in terms of gastronomy?

Janice Wong: It can only get better! We are continuing to evolve in terms of creativity, experimentation and openness to various multicultural influences, and expanding one’s culinary playground in such a way can only be a good thing.

Passion Made Possible has unveiled in various cities worldwide through consumer launches, trade events, industry partnerships, and global marketing campaigns featuring campaign films and visuals to bring to life how Singapore is Passion Made Possible. Find out more at