Taiwan: A Booming Era Of Showcasing Local Produce

by Kyoko Nakayama @ 02 Mar 2018
Taiwan: A Booming Era Of Showcasing Local Produce On 19 to 22 September 2017, Taiwan held its first international food event; International Chefs Summit Asia. It was held at The Landis Taipei Hotel and Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. Organised by Fim Media, a Taiwanese online media, the purpose was to promote produce from Taiwanese and to modernise the country’s cuisine. During this period, ten international chefs came to Taipei and did six special collaboratve events. One of the highlights of the event was two chefs’ culinary demonstration, which was held on the 21 September at the ballroom of Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. The venue was filled with 300 attendees, including both international and local media. Three guest chefs, Chef Kirk Westaway of JAAN (Singapore), Chef Thitid Tassanakajohn of Le Du (Thailand) and Chef Fatih Tutak of The Dining Room at The House on Sathorn (Thailand) showcased their skills.

Concurrently, the chefs in Taiwan shared their thoughts about Taiwanese produces. Mume presented tortillas made using local quinoa. Shoun Ryugin’s Chef Ryohei Hieda demonstrated how to elevate local “fourfinger threadfin fsh”, which is considered an inexpensive fish in Taiwan that is actually very flavourful.  Jacky Yang, the organiser of the event said, “Currently, Taiwanese produce has been globally underrated due to the lack of promotions. It is with this event that I would like to let the world know how high the quality of our nation’s produce.” He continues, “The food scene in Taiwan is changing. Since three years ago, restaurants such as Shoun Ryugin and Mume have started placing emphasis on the local produce.”

Adapted from the Jan Feb 18 issue of Cuisine & Wine Asia.