Get Your Christmas Cakes at Andaz Singapore

by Darinee Durai @ 23 Dec 2017
Get Your Christmas Cakes at Andaz Singapore Not a fan of log cakes with rich, buttery frosting? Find the tradional fruit cakes a bit too cloying for your taste?  Almost every other option out there is decadent to fit the festive spirit, but you shouldn't miss out either. If something light is what you're looking for, head down to Andaz Singapore. They've got this lightly textured pandan chiffon cake that you can still treat yourself to this festive season!

Paying homage to the unofficial national cake of Singapore, Andaz Singapore’s Pandan puts a spin on the traditional to create new flavours such as, bandung (rose syrup), chocolate, banana, durian, coconut, black sesame and of course Pandan.
This festive season, Pandan has launched a Christmas Mixed Berry flavour made using the finest wild berries which include: cherry, raspberry, lingonberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. The Christmas Mixed Berry Pandan Cake will be made available for sale from 1 to 31 December 2017. The cakes are available in different sizes and are priced as follows:  $4.50 (Small), $12 (Medium) and $32 (Large).

To purchase the cakes you may either visit Pandan (Level 2) at Andaz Singapore during its opening hours (11am – 7pm, daily) or call +65 6408 1241 to make your order. Do note that orders for the Christmas Mixed Berry Pandan Cake have to made at least 3 days in advance.

Visit their website here at: