Chef Jarno Eggen of De Groene Lantaarn

by Qian Leung @ 11 Aug 2017
Chef Jarno Eggen of De Groene Lantaarn The 39-year-old chef from Zuidwolde, Holland has been in the kitchen since 14. With a farm from 1780 as the grounds for his restaurant, Restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, the task of using up the odds and ends from butchering is turned into a game of ingenuity. Many know Chef Eggen for sorrel sorbet, served with runner beans, almond cream, and olive oil.  “Sorrel is the first plant to appear in Holland, when Spring arrives,” says Chef Eggen. “When we were small we used to ride about in our bikes. When we got tired, we’d pick them and eat them. It’s very sour, very fresh.”
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