VLV’s Dim Sum Champagne Brunch

by Darinee Durai @ 09 Dec 2016
VLV’s Dim Sum Champagne Brunch
VLV takes their Dim Sum offerings to the next level on weekends! VLV Weekend Dim Sum Champagne Brunch (from $58++ per person), is a lavish affair inspired by the vibrant food scene on the streets of Hong Kong. With a variety of live stations dishing up made to order items and a wide selection of signature creations on the menu, this is a vibrant brunch experience unlike any other.
As you are seated in the restaurant, freshly made dim sum are made to order, including original creations like Kurobuta ‘Siew Mai’, and steamed spare ribs with olive leaf and pumpkin. Diners are also
able to enjoy a choice of main dishes including Canton Roasted Duck, Crackling Pork Belly, Singapore Signature Chilli Soft Shell Crab and Premium Soya Prawns for a truly satisfying meal.
If you are looking to take the brunch indulgence to the next level, we have not one but two champagne brunch options available. Enjoy the Dim Sum Brunch offering with boutique champagne Bauget Jouette for $98++ or our exclusive house champagne Charles Heidsieck for $128++.