Classic tipples reinvented at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

by Olivia Tiboleng @ 11 Nov 2016
Classic tipples reinvented at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar Mitzo – of progressive Cantonese cuisine – has launched its new cocktail menu shaped around the three original categories since Mitzo’s inception.
‘Classics Reinvented’ showcases creative interpretations of traditional tipples while ‘Asian Inspiration’ invites its purveyors into the longstanding history of Asian herbs, spices and flavours. Saving the best for last, ‘Mitzo Creations’ features an eclectic collection of fruity flavours, floral undertones, creamy textures and drier drinks born from their extensive travels. Expect delicious cocktails like the 'Uncle' Negroni with red dates infused Genever, Chinese Collins with 'Jia Jia Liang Teh' (Chinese herbal tea) and Le Sommelier, an intensely herbal drink; served in quirky glassware. Led by Bar Manager Marco Pignotta, the new cocktails are inspired by Mitzo’s belief that drinking, in itself, is an art form.