One Ingredient, Two Worlds With Pastamania

by Cristabel Chia @ 20 May 2016
One Ingredient, Two Worlds With Pastamania How do you like your pasta? Peppered with Western touches or elevated with Eastern spices? For this year’s PastaMania Chefs’ Creations, a new East and West inspired menu has been curated to let you enjoy the best of both worlds. Using barramundi sourced from a farm in Singapore, the chefs have created barramundi lor mee or Western-style creamy pumpkin barramundi. The former gravitates slightly towards the sweet side whereas the latter offers light and appetising flavours.

For those who prefer a kick of heat, choose either the spicy Szechuan chicken or black pepper chicken that is studded with pieces of tender chicken, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and coated in an aromatic, bold and savoury black pepper sauce that jolts the palate up and whets it for more.

Desserts such as gula Melaka banana pancake and carmelised banana gelato are available too.

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