The Supper Club At 5th Quarter

by Rachel Lim @ 18 Mar 2016
The Supper Club At 5th Quarter Housed within the Hotel Vagabond, 5th Quarter SG serves Modern Australian with a strong focus on meat curing. Chef Andrew Nocente, from South of Brisbane uses traditional methods of curing meats with the aid of modern instruments to maintain the integrity of flavours. True to its name, 5th Quarter or quinto quartro in Roman, the menu will feature a selection that is derived from all parts of an animal. Join Chef Nocente as he delights you with a late night party, The Supper Club, held on 24 April, 10pm to 2am. If you are not a night owl, visit 5th Quarter from 28 March to 24 April to enjoy the World Gourmet Series Menu!

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