Hennessy Cognac Pure Gourmet Dinner

by Charlotte Ng @ 04 Mar 2016
Hennessy Cognac Pure Gourmet Dinner Richard Hennessy founded the Maison in 1765 – a maison that has always kept on innovating and creating to give birth to the world's finest cognacs. For a one-night event at Golden Peony on Thursday, 31 March 2016, diners will experience the unique pairing dinner that will see exquisite cognac complementing Cantonese delicacies prepared by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung. From finest Hennessey XO to the richest of Hennessy Paradis Imperial, which is a tribute to the blend created originally by Jean Fillioux following a request made in 1818 by the Russian Imperial Court for Tsar Alexander I, which was recreated by Yann Fillioux in 2010. Be prepared to experience a night of absolute elegance and refinement at Golden Peony. Visit www.worldgourmetsummit.com for more details.