Eggnog Beer Will Either Save or Destroy Christmas

by Siti Zawani @ 24 Dec 2015
Eggnog Beer Will Either Save or Destroy Christmas A Real Nice Surprise is a chocolate malt porter aged in a combination of rum, bourbon, and brandy barrels with a bit of added lactose. Surprisingly, no other spices, creaminess, or even “egginess” are added. Perhaps that's because the beer is designed not just to mimic the taste of eggnog, but to also mimic a Tom & Jerry, that warm nog variant your weirdo mid-western relatives drink.

Created by the InBev-owned brewery's innovation arm, Fulton & Wood, A Real Nice Surprise is one of four experimental recipes that have come from the Chicago outfit this year (there was a sangria-esque beer released in the summer).

"It definitely achieved the total flavour experience we were looking for," innovation brewer Tim Faith notes. "Eggnog is a unique and very flavourful beverage, and we found that by taking a great base beer [porter, a British style that arose in the same place the Tom & Jerry did] and adding lactose, we'd achieve that milky-sweetness associated with the drink." Get all the details about this unique festive pint at