Joining The Michelin 3 Star Fame

by Felix Lim @ 05 Dec 2013
Joining The Michelin 3 Star Fame The latest restaurant to attain a coveted 3 Star Michelin rating is 33 year old Chef David Munoz’s DiverXo in Milan, Spain. The unconventional restaurant, self-proclaimed as having a “brutal” approach certainly does have a rather callous way of presenting its food. Chefs can be seen putting the final touches on dishes in the hallway because there is insufficient space in the kitchen. Halfway through a course, chefs may come running in to add ingredients to the dish. This purposefully unsettling experience is carefully planned by the chefs to create that “brutal” dining experience. There are two options, a short menu of 11 dishes lasting 2 and a half hours, or a long menu of 11 dishes lasting 4 hours. The menus are not described by ingredients but rather by tastes, be it salty, sweet or even sharp. The décor too, bare and sometimes disturbing aids in creating the unique experience of dining at DiverXo.