New Weekends For Johor

by Clover Ng @ 29 Nov 2013
New Weekends For Johor How often have we wondered and wished that Monday was the only weekday left or none at all where weekends are what we look forward to everyday. Well the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has announced that Johor, Malaysia’s new weekends will officially be changed to Fridays and Saturdays instead of Saturdays and Sundays. This change will take effect starting 1 January 2014. The change was made to allow more time for Muslims to attend their prayers scheduled on every Friday noon. Perhaps a convenience for Muslims in Johor, but this will lead to an inconvenience to businesses especially companies with trading in Johor or companies based in Johor, where a 5 days’ work week will now be a 4 days’ work week that will coincide. Food & Beverage industry will face inconveniences as well with the imports of ingredients or even workers who are citizens of Johor.