Or Would You Rather Pay S$350k For Whisky?

by Clover Ng @ 29 Nov 2013
Or Would You Rather Pay S$350k For Whisky? With the recent Edrington launch at Asia square and readings on the different whiskies especially the trend of Bourbon on the rise, we have our eyes set out on this bottle of whist that costs as much as a flat in Singapore. At the third annual Masters of Wines and Spirits showcase, a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky with an age of 60 years was on the top of the price list amongst the 79 bottles showcased at the exhibition. With a price tag of S$350,000, this bottle of whisky is dark and rich and was said to have aromas of citrus and honeyed chocolate, roasted coffee, all spice and walnuts, probably an effect of the white oak barrel that it was first store in.