The Next Big Thing For F&B Industry

by Clover Ng @ 29 Nov 2013
The Next Big Thing For F&B Industry Perhaps not a trend for Singaporeans, because food is widely available on every street and corner, but certainly for countries with a wide span of land. Experienced by a lady after visiting her late husband at the cemetery, she found her stomach rambling, likewise her son. They were looking for a place to settle down for lunch where they eventually made a pit stop at a gas station. Gas stations have been occupied by fast food like Corned Beef King but lately, cuisines from around the world can be found at gas stations, like Korean Bibimbap, Mexican food, Thai food and etcetera. Chefs are looking into setting up eateries at gas stations for the benefit of low startup costs as well as the guaranteed human traffic. Could this be the new trend for the F&B industry?