The Low-Calorie Wine Trend

by Clover Ng @ 22 Nov 2013
The Low-Calorie Wine Trend It is a known fact that there is a high population in the United States facing the issue of obesity with their indulgence in fast food and it is an alarming issue where obesity can lead to possible diseases like diabetes. Winemakers are now focused on this issue in targeting a wider market group for those who are weight conscious and health conscious, as well as those who are looking to losing a few pounds. TV talk-show host, Betheny Frankel, has recently launched a line of wines in the United States listed in her brand, SkinnyGirl. These wines are marketed to consist of mere 100 calories per 148ml serving and selling at a rather cheap price of S$19.00. Likewise even in the United Kingdom, diet company, Weight Watchers, is introducing a range of wines consisting of only 75 calories per 118ml.