Japanese With a Modern Twist at Wagatomo!

Japanese With a Modern Twist at Wagatomo! Wagatomo is a haven for those looking for something a little unorthodox in the Tanjong Pagar area. Picture a restaurant that opens up to a haven of modern Japanese gastronomy, which pays homage to and also journeys away from traditional Japanese cuisine. Indeed, Chef Tomoyuki Kiga, the chef behind the food at Wagatomo, creates his recipes that shows influences from his more international culinary background.  The chef in question has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants Ristorante Aso in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and Melisse in Santa Monica. He’s also led opening launches for Akira Back restaurants in Singapore as well as other countries.

Here at Wagatomo, he presents a menu that is sure to not just tantalise but to comfort, as much of it is meant to balance out flavours you would love, but breaking the perception and expectations of how they should be served. Expecting pizza to always be hot and oozing with melted cheese? Here Chef Kiga serves slices of sashimi grade A5 Wagyu on crispy pizza. In his view, it’s all about the words, “Why not?”

“There’s no set rule that certain dishes have to be this way,” he explains. “Growing up in Jakarta, and in an international background, has influenced me a lot in the dishes I make. Why can’t I use Indian spices in Japanese food? Why can’t I use French cooking techniques in Polish food. To me it’s always about the right balance. It’s about what spices I can use to bring out the best in certain ingredients.” And that is what you will expect to see in dishes such as the karaage, which sees Chef Kiga using buttermilk as the base of the batter, seasoned with soy and fried with a mixture of rice flour and cornstarch, resulting in a crispier crust and a more tender chicken from the buttermilk. His take on Ochazuke includes using premium ingredients such as scampi prawns that result in great texture.