A Game of Fun at Oche!

A Game of Fun at Oche! For those consistently bored of just dining and drinking in the Lion City, Oche will change your pre-clubbing ritual by giving you the option of playing electronic darts with your crew as well as serving up a curated menu of tipples and fusion-inspired bites.

Each dish is specifically designed to be eaten with one hand, so you can focus on nailing that bulls eye with the other hand.  They serve up set menus as well as a la carte options that start from $25/person that have at least three courses – with the highlights being the spicy salmon cone, tuna ceviche and the mushroom pizza. You can also choose top up with a pizza of the day at $19 to soak up those delicious cocktails.

The drink menu is extremely extensive, with highlights from the signature cocktail list being the Ginger Mojito ($18) that was very well mixed with a refreshing kick and the Pornstar Martini ($18) that was both fruity and delicious.

Gaming options are priced at $15 per person from noon-5pm and $20 per person from 5pm-1am. They have at least six games for you to choose from and individual gaming booths for you and your crew to sit in comfortable luxury while waiting your turn to aim for that bullseye.