When Smart Meets Mobile

When Smart Meets Mobile Now that the worst of Covid-19, optimistically, is over, the focus is on tackling important challenges in the near future. Of course, the issues regarding climate and sustainability are priorities. But there are hurdles: the scarcity of raw materials, the increasing cost of resources and supply chains, and the cost of logistics. These play an important role when it comes to a business owner trying to make a decision on what to purchase. The main themes, in this case, are, “timely, local production and availability of goods at the place of consumption”.
An example can be seen with the globally successful brand Toyota, which emphasises mostly on the manufacturing principle "KAIZEN", and avoiding "MUDA" - waste. This includes - among other things - unnecessary transport, storage, waiting times, and an excessive energy use or waste. An extreme example of MUDA is drinking water bottled in the Central European Alps, which comes to our table in Southeast Asia in PET or glass bottles. Calculations from the University of Queensland/AUS show that the cost of bottled water is between 250 and 1000 times higher than the cost of tap water. The difference in the calculations results from (not) taking into account consequential costs such as disposal and/or recycling.
For our relevant sectors - hotels, conference centres and restaurants - not only are excessive logistics from Europe to Singapore crucial, but also those within a single building. In this regard, flexible, modular and mobile beverage stations, such as those offered by SWISSPRO, are irreplaceable. As an example, let’s have a look at large conference and exhibition centre here in Singapore with several thousand (up ≥ 40,000) participant capacities: Just a few years ago, all these visitors quenched their thirst thanks to single 300 ml or 500 ml PET bottles. It is hard to imagine what immense effort was put into staff, storage, distribution and waste disposal as a consequence.
A more environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative, while still associated with high personnel costs, is the distribution/presentation via 19 litre bottles with the option of heating or cooling the water. An example of this can be seen in the dispenser. Aside from the fact that these large container bottles are not particularly decorative, the logistics involved are still dependent on a third-party supplier.
Welcome SMOB Nautilus
With SMOB Nautilus, SWISSPRO now offers a solution that meets the many demands of events and banquets managements:
• The system is extremely flexible - the supply line to the 2 to 4 digital outlet taps per unit can either be directly connected to the water line - or fed via 50 litre integrated pressure tanks.
• Each SMOB Nautilus unit is mobile and can therefore be deployed quickly anywhere within the building.
• In the case of requested operation via the 50 litre pressure tank (eg.  too far away from water points) , the filling process also is mobile (on wheels, without lifting) at the nearest water source.
SMOB Nautilus offers the choice of ambient, chilled and sparkling drinking water.
• The water is dispensed with help of a motion sensor (without pressing a button) and is suitable for filling individual glasses or entire bottles.
SWISSPRO SMOB Nautilus has already been used several times in one of the largest exhibition areas in Singapore.