A Mediterranean Night To Remember At White Marble!

A Mediterranean Night To Remember At White Marble! White Marble was the destination of great gastronomy this week as a 6 hands dinner, helmed by three chefs at the height of their skill from White Marble and Riviera. Featuring a 6 course menu that showcases the best of what each chef has to offer, the menu is a collaboration with the World Gourmet Summit, and was held at White Marble on the 14th of September, commencing from 6:30 to much later.

With wine pairings by Cellarmaster Wines, and wine glasses by Riedel, the wine glass company, guests got the feast of kings with the menu curated by Chef Otto Weibel and Executive Chef Kenneth Loke of White Marble, and Chef Remy Carmignani of Rivieria.

It helps that all three chefs create food that’s genuinely healthy and fun and all focused on the wide range and influences Mediterranean cuisine has, with the quality of the food and ingredients scruntinised by the discerning eyes of Chefs Weibel, Loke, and Carmignani. Guests got to start off with the amuse bouche consisting of oyster chips with an emulsion of sumac and dill, mackerel that’s been smoked and made into a mousse, piped into a puff pastry served with caviar, and chickpea spiced pave, with truffle mayonnaise, and olives. This was then followed by Chef Weibel’s steamed Atlantic cod, served with chorizo and mussel stew, and the starter of poached langoustine. Chef Carmignani followed that up with a milk-fed veal shank, served in a tagine with prunes, organic saffron and almonds, honey and sesame and with confit garlic, and the Tangia Marrakchia, which included lamb shoulder fagottini served in a traditional Morrocan style. Dessert was a medley of berries and Greek yoghurt, as made by Chef Loke.

The night went on with much conversation and laughter flowing just like the wines that accompanied the menu that night.