A Taste of the Mediterranean at White Marble!

A Taste of the Mediterranean at White Marble! White Marble is a champion of Mediterranean grill, which has had ties with healthier, good meals with plenty of proteins and good fats. Add in the techniques passed down by Chef Otto Weibel to his Executive Chef Kenneth Loke, and you have a restaurant that’s serving hale and hearty food.

It helps that Chef Weibel and Chef Loke are creating food that’s genuinely healthy and fun: White Marble’s food range focuses on the wide range and influences Mediterranean cuisine has, surrounded by multiple countries, and dubbed one of the most healthy diets in the world.  

And all this from Chef Weibel’s first experiences in Greece as a teenager, which then coalesced into the immersive experience at White Marble. It’s this love for the Mediterranean that has Chef Weibel, and in turn Chef Loke, explore the region at White Marble with love and inquisition as they serve up authentic Mediterranean food that pushes forth the idea of integrating food with a healthy lifestyle and food with sustainable living.

They’re not the only ones: Chef Remy Carmignani, of Riviera, is also a chef that champions the Mediterranean touch in his cooking. It is there where you can see how these three chefs have a connection: all three happen to be perfectionists, governed by a desire to hone their craft and create healthy, tasty cuisine. This is the reason why all three chefs are joining hands to create a 6-Hands menu together, called A Taste of the Mediterranean. Featuring a 6 course menu that showcases the best of what each chef has to offer, the menu is a collaboration with the World Gourmet Summit, and will be held at White Marble on the 14th of September from 6:30-9:30pm, and priced at $188++ each. With wine pairings made by Cellarmaster Wines, and wine glasses by Riedel, the wine glass company, the dinner is sure to be one that will blow your tastebuds away!

To book a table, please email: reservations@pkh.com.sg, or call 62737707. To see the full menu, head on to https://worldgourmetsummit.com/wgs2022/main.php/event-info/350-Taste-of-Mediterranean-6-Hands-Dinner-White-Marble-ft-Chef-Rmy-Carmignani/ for more info.