Seafood of Scotland's Blessed Bounty

Seafood of Scotland's Blessed Bounty Scotland is known for its hilly moors and highlands, but it's also known for its cold waters and great, sustainable seafood. After all, the cold, clear waters of Scotland allow shellfish to mature in their own time, and it's cold water environment means it grows slowly to increase their  sweet, firm bites. It helps that seafood is harvested in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, which makes it the choice for most chefs to use all around the world. 

Seafood from Scotland took the opportunity to partner with restaurants and chefs all around Singapore to showcase the Highlands' bounty, including fresh salmon, oysters, shrimp and other treasures in pairing menus mean to feature the best of what Scotland has to offer. SKAI was one of the restaurants that were lucky to have the opportunity to do so.