Legendary Hokkien Mee Star Opens in Bukit Batok!

Legendary Hokkien Mee Star Opens in Bukit Batok! For some of us, the dish of Hokkien Mee can seem to run through our veins. It’s one of the dishes made to feed workers from the 1880s, after all, and years after still heeds on strong in the hearts of locals who are passionate about food.

Perhaps, this is why some of us are rejoicing that popular Hokkien mee stalls – sometimes located in far-flung locales of the island that would take around 1hr to travel to just for a simple meal – are now opening new branches in areas more accessible to them. Such was the case with Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee, a popular Hokkien mee stall mainly located at Old Airport Road Food Centre, which has announced their first branch opening in the West of Singapore. The brand, which has roots in the 40s, has had its recipe passed down through the generations, now in the hands of Mr Albert Ng, the family’s third generation.

“As the third generation, I want to keep my family’s legacy alive and to keep it growing, while maintaining the same recipe, quality, and consistency our customers know and love,” said Mr Ng in a press release. The new stall, located in Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, is now serving the residents with Hokkien mee. From $5 onwards, choose between two sizes, and enjoy your plate of Hokkien mee with any other dishes available at the coffee shop.

So how does the quality of standard hold for the new branch at Bukit Batok? Well, it definitely stands out as one of the better variations of Hokkien mee out there. With their classic use of thin beehoon along the yellow mee, it still soaks up the broth and is a perfect accompaniment to the prawns and squid they use with the noodles. Definitely a must-try if you like a good drier noodle and you happen to live in the West.

Nam Sing Hokkien Mee

Address: 177 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, Singapore 650177