Get The Full UMAMI and Gut Health Experience with UMAMI CHEFS and Esseplore

Get The Full UMAMI and Gut Health Experience with UMAMI CHEFS and Esseplore What are some things that you might take into account when it comes to choosing a menu? If you hear it from the perspective of the team at UMMAMI Chefs by Esseplore and AMILI, you should consider what makes your gut feel good as well. Both UMAMI CHEFS by Esseplore (a foodtech company that is on a mission to re-engineer how gourmet food is experienced by consumers) and AMILI (Southeast Asia’s first and only precision gut microbiome research company) have launched a new gourmet food line focusing on the goodness of Traditional Chinese medicine with a placed emphasis on promoting gut health.

“Generally when people choose their food, they go by taste and ignore the nutritional value. Even if they do  focus on nutritional value, they may not have the full picture at hand, and the full understanding characteristics of what the food is and what our bodies need gets neglected,” says Physician Chew Hong Gian, AMILI Advisor and TCM Consultant Raffles Medical Group. “As a result, we take in items we may not need, and it does more harm than good.”                        
“From a layman’s position, a lot of people don’t pay a lot of attention to their gut, and people get things like gas, people may not necessarily see this as a symptom of terrible gut health.” Says Ms Poh Mui Hoon, Co-Founder & CEO of Esseplore. “A healthy gut-microbiome helps to improve your overall health, mood, and even mental health.”

Her team has partnered with AMILI to create personalised nutritional meals that are scientifically driven and tailored to individual health needs.
The team has created twelve personalised delicious dishes that bring a modern and multicultural take on TCM food. Turning the stereotype of bitter, herbal TCM food on its head, these UMAMI Chefs wellness meals combine TCM expertise, deep science, and culinary know-how to deliver appetizing, flavourful dishes that provide the correct nutrition for a healthier, stronger gut. It’s a joy to savour their umami dishes such as Soymilk Chicken Soup with Corn and Edamame, Turmeric-Lemongrass Grilled Chicken, Double Boiled Black Chicken in Coconut Soup with Snow Fungus, or creamy Butter Chicken.It's convenient after being freeze-blasted and

The team is hoping to target this new line towards 3 different demographics: people who are energy and heat deficient, typically those who work long hours and don't take care of themselves; People who don't sleep on time, work late, are anxious and happen to, and people who happen to overindulge and eat rich foods, while enjoying a sedentary lifestyle, according to Mr Chew. "All of us might fall into some of these categories," jokes Ms Poh. "When we designed this menu, this was a menu we genuinely believe people might enjoy at full.

Savour the newest UMAMI Chef meals with their exclusive launch price featuring $12.99 mains, $2.99 sides, and $3.99 base from 3 March till 31 March 2022  via their website,