HolyCrab Presents Arlene Products for Limited Time Promotion!

HolyCrab Presents Arlene Products for Limited Time Promotion! HolyCrab, Capitol Arcade’s Mod-Sin restaurant that pays tribute to the idea of Singaporean-styled tze char, is proud to present dishes featuring plant-based products from Arlene and Growthwell, all products under the Indoguna brand, for a promotion that will run for a limited time only. 

The line of food, which will be on promotion from the 28th of February onwards to the 6th of March, will feature several of Arlene products in the menu to showcase the range, flavours, and wonderful food items from Arlene, with Chef Elton Seah and his team taking on the challenge to add his unique style and spin on the items. Dishes like the dan dan sauce, from Arlene’s plant-based range, have been elevated into something wholly new, thanks to the inclusion of peanuts and beehoon charred to replicate the popular satay beehoon dish, one that includes plant-based squid and prawns from Indoguna’s Growthwell line.

Another dish that seems completely different? The spring rolls from the Arlene line, accompanied by a unique sauce made up of plum, lime, chillies and other ingredients, which results in a sauce you just can’t resist dipping your Arlene spring rolls into. It helps that Chef Seah seems to understand and know how to bring out the best of what these Arlene products have to offer, combining it with heartland favourites that no gourmand, Singaporean or not, can resist. A claypot dish that makes use of Growthwell products, for example, shows skill in the form of charcoal-coloured tofu, made in-house and boasting a texture so unique that it has to be tried.  

“A lot of people are going towards the trend of healthy eating, and are becoming more health-conscious, and we’re glad to be given the privilege of being asked to try these products out from Arlene and Growthwell,” says Chef Seah. “The products are very applicable to use in this day and age.” He calls most of the products easy to use and adapt to his own style of cooking, calling the Arlene dan dan sauce a favourite of the products he used.

“We would definitely highly encourage them to try out these products and dishes, and we really hope they would enjoy it,” Chef Seah concludes.

The promotion for these dishes featuring Arlene products will run from the 28th of February to the 6th of March.

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