A Sense of Place at Atlas!

A Sense of Place at Atlas! Atlas is the place for you to dine and get your drinks. Located in the iconic Parkview Square, the bar’s Art Deco building is one of the inspirations behind their newest menu, which will be focused on Art Deco buildings all over the world and the drinks that are inspired by them. These buildings include the Teatro Eden of Lisbon, Portugal, the National Basilica Of The Sacred Heart in Brussels, Belgium, and Battersea Power Station in London, United Kingdom. The menu, called, “A Sense of Place,” is designed in such a manner that the earlier pages have less alcohol per volume, with the drinks getting heavier in terms of packing a punch. They also all include various non-alcoholic drinks, which appeal to those who may want to dine at Atlas with their friends but may not be unable to do so because of the drinking aspect. They’re located in the Parkview Square segment of the magazine.

Drink highlights for people to taste include the Vanda Mist, a fruity and creamy dish that is sweet, full of flavour and yet light on the palate. The Calle Alcalá, inspired by the Edificio De La Unión Y El Fénix Español (the first skyscraper to rise in Madrid during the Literary Silver Age) is an explosion of berry flavours and creamy goodness, thanks to the clarified milk. Those who want a little more of a punch in their drink would be excited to try the Vapour Guide, which includes peach-oolong infused American vodka, English gin, bianco vermouth and rose aperitif. One sip of this drink will hit you back, not just in great flavours, but also just how refreshing it is. Dip your slice of cucumber into the drink for a bite, it’s just fun!

The Sense of Place cocktail menu will be available at Atlas for the time being.

Address: 600 North Bridge Road
                  Parkview Square
                  Singapore 188778

Phone: 6396 4466