Open Farm Community and Fresh Off The Dot Collaboration To Show The Best Of Local Produce

Open Farm Community and Fresh Off The Dot Collaboration To Show The Best Of Local Produce The kids are doing alright.
Fresh off the Dot, an NTU student-led communication campaign that aims to encourage support for local produce in Singapore, will be hosting a pop-up booth outside the dining area of Open Farm Community in a bid to spread awareness for produce grown locally in Singapore!

From the 26th -27th of February, go to the outside of the dining area at Open Farm Community from 11am to 3.30pm and 6pm to 9pm, and visit the booth, which will include a few activities. These include:
  • Learning about some of Singapore's farms and produce through educational materials as well as mini games such as crossword puzzles and mix-and-match activities
  • Penning down their support for Singapore farms on our "Why We Support Local Produce" board 
  • Capturing the moment with free polaroids if they pose with local produce cut-outs
  • Purchasing Kin Yan’s Mushroom Growing Kit or ready-to-eat items and fresh local produce such as
    • The Fish Farmer’s Mala and Teriyaki Mullet Fillet
    • Egg Story Nitamago Ramen Eggs and Tamagoyaki 
    • Jurong Frog Farm’s Premium Snowdrop Hashima bottles
    • The Local Farm Pack 2022, a 100% fresh local produce subscription pack consisting of local eggs, quail eggs, vegetables and fish fillets
  • Learning about a more resilient urban food system through Urban Origin’s display of artisanal and plant-based products
  • Getting a glimpse of Open Farm Community’s very own rare and unique farm produce, grown right in the backyard of the restaurant! Start your own urban farm at home with Open Farm Community’s: 
    • Seedlings 
    • Farm produce 
    • Seeds 
Open Farm community will also be showcasing menu items that use local produce, such as the Genting Tomato Salad, Eggy-In-A-Basket, Tiberias Barramundi, and OFC Farm Eggplant, Karana green jackfruit, cashew, wild pepper. All items and ingredients come from local farms such as Hay Dairies, Kin Yan Agrotech,Tiberias Harvest, and OFC’s own harvest.


Date: 26 February - 27 February 2022
 11am to 3.30pm and 6pm to 9pm
130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819