Bruichladdich Distillery unveils Black ART 09.1 and Octomore 12 Series in Singapore!

Bruichladdich Distillery unveils Black ART 09.1 and Octomore 12 Series in Singapore! A while ago, Cuisine Wine Asia had the opportunity to try out the latest Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 and Octomore 12 Series. 

Botanist, Port Charlotte, Octomore, and Bruichladdich are just a few of the renowned scotch and gins produced by the Islay-based Bruichladdich Distillery.

The new release encapsulates Bruichladdich's core values, emphasizing quality over quantity, underlining the distillery's distinct provenance, and focusing on flavor rather than age.

The Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 is a limited-edition 1992 vintage that has been carefully cultivated by Head Distiller Adam Hannet from barrel to cask.

This 29-year-old Black Art edition comes from a time before the Bruichladdich Distillery closed in 1994, when whiskies were meticulously aged in warehouses along Loch Indaal's shoreline.

"With this edition of Black Art, I took inspiration from the groundwork done in the early days of this series, where there was a relentless pursuit to layer flavour. This whisky would rest in some of the finest casks, sometimes for just a few weeks, adding a delicate layer of fruit
before we moved the whisky on again. Carefully waiting, watching and tasting, looking to chart new directions with each new cask we used until finally arriving at a point of perfection", says Hannett.

The Black Art 09.1 is an unpeated spirit matured in unrivaled quality wood and bottled at 44.1 percent ABV.

The Octomore Single Malt Whisky 12th Series balances youthfulness and a high peat level of 100+ PPM strength.

Hannett has created a history of aging the whisky .1 Octomore that was aged for five years in ex-American oak casks to provide control within each experimental series; the 12.1 was no exception.

By emulating the immensely successful Octomore 4.2 (Comus) and marrying strongly peated spirit with ex-Sauternes cask finishing, the 12.2 alternate maturation to its.1 counterpart is created. The whisky was aged in ex-American oak for three and a half years before being re-casted into Sauternes casks for another 18 months.

For the first time in history, the single vintage 12.3 combines Islay produced barley with the terroir of the distiller's homegrown grain with sherry maturation. For a five-year maturation, 75% of the distilled spirit was placed in ex-American oak casks and 25% in Pedro Ximénez solera casks.

Whisky aficionados can get hold of the Bruichladdich expressions for online purchase on Rémy Cointreau’s LazMall, Shopee and Amazon in Singapore.