Experience the Future With Glenfiddich This Last Weekend!

Experience the Future With Glenfiddich This Last Weekend! Glenfiddich of family-owned distiller and distributor William Grant & Sons has unveiled a celestial-style immersive experience and limited-edition gift pack to usher in the Lunar New Year. Based on the works of celebrated artist Rlon Wang, the campaign invites us to look to the future and imagine a world where auspicious wonders await.

Glenfiddich, for the last weekend this month, will be hosting The Cosmic Voyage, an immersive 360° cinematic experience set on the rooftop of Design Orchard. Visitors are invited to step away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road and escape into a celestial journey featuring the visceral work from the final edition of Glenfiddich’s Rlon Wang-designed trilogy series. The Cosmic Voyage is a rich and vivid passage that invites viewers to follow the Royal Stag through the ethereal cosmic forest, an enchanting place alive with storytelling and embedded with hidden gems, to a world where good fortune awaits.

The Cosmic Voyage concludes at the Tree of Fortune, where visitors will receive Glenfiddich red packets (available in limited quantities daily) and stand a chance to win exclusive discounts on the Glenfiddich Limited Edition Gift Packs. As you prepare to welcome the Lunar New Year, come on a fantastical journey to a future of good fortune. The Cosmic Voyage will run until this Sunday, 12-10pm from Friday to Sunday. Admission is non-ticketed and open to visitors above the age of 18.

The Perfect Gift To Mark New Beginnings: Glenfiddich Limited Edition Gift Packs

The 2022 limited edition bottle completes the last in a trilogy of thought-provoking stories told in the design of the limited-edition gift packs. The bottles complete the last in a trilogy of thought-provoking stories told in the design of the limited-edition gift packs and are available with the Glenfiddich Reserva Rum Cask 21 Year Old and the 12, 15 and 18 Year Old Malt Whisky. Each of the colourful whisky pack renders pay homage to the corresponding colours on the malt labels.

Inside the vibrant gift pack lies an exquisite golden liquid that champions the finest flavours of Scotland. Daring innovation coupled with expert knowledge passed down through generations makes Glenfiddich’s Scotch Whisky a masterpiece to be shared and remembered.

Will Peacock, Global Luxury Director at William Grant & Sons says: “When tasked with how to conclude this much-loved series of limited-edition gift packs with artist Rlon Wang, we asked ourselves: what could be on the horizon for our characters, and more widely for the world? The talented illustrator, a fellow maverick in his field, encapsulated a feeling of optimism for the future. We believe this 2022 limited-edition gift pack really speaks to our time and will become a collector’s item for years to come.”