Tanuki Raw Enters 10th Year, Opens Middle Ground for New Retail, Restaurant Adventure

Tanuki Raw Enters 10th Year, Opens Middle Ground for New Retail, Restaurant Adventure Milestones are something to be celebrated, and celebrated with a big bang. Restaurant and bar brand Tanuki Raw enters its 10th year with a new retail-in-restaurant concept, Middle Ground this November at Tanuki Raw National Design Centre (NDC).
Blending retail with dining, it redefines how customers can dine and buy products that are aesthetically cute as well as functional, good for not just gifts but for working outside the home. With retail displays seamlessly integrated into the expansive Tanuki Raw dining hall, diners can eat and cast their eyes over what they are looking for, make the purchases from their tables and then collect them at the end of the meal.

With that in mind, is the food at Tanuki Raw something that people can still dine in? Yes. In fact the restaurant still brings in the fun and sophistication of American-Japanese cuisine that they made a part of their identity. Famous for their signature truffle beef donburi bowls and their popular Oyster Happy Hour, Tanuki Raw is launching new fun dishes like the Superstar Reroll (seasoned panko-crusted crispy maki made with Vietnamese rice roll paper, filled with snow crab, mozzarella, and tamago, then topped with aburi mentaiko mayo salmon, tempura flakes and okonomiyaki sauce), the Surf and Turf Bowl, (tuna, salmon, Hamachi, snow crab, and spicy negitoro with grilled US beef shortrib and truffle soy and onsen egg over seasoned furikake and steamed rice). These dishes are filled to bursting with ingredients and flavours, and fresh too.

An easy to recommend menu item to look out for is the Wham! Fries, and we cannot say this lightly when you get the dish placed in front of you on the table. Piled high with guacamole, tomatoes, sour cream, mozzarella cheese and, (SURPRISE!) mini marshmallows, the result is a gooey, tangy mess that the sweetness of the marshmallow complements rather than fights with. It’s a genius sort of combo that’s related to the wonders of American sweet potato pie with marshmallows.

Tanuki Raw has four locations across Singapore, and is waiting for you to visit them!