The Great Spice Potluck To Spice Up The Heart of Dempsey

The Great Spice Potluck To Spice Up The Heart of Dempsey Singapore may be a gastro-paradise, but there are rare occasions where we cannot actually try certain cuisines. Egyptian, for example, as well as Armenian.

The Dempsey Project, located in the heart of  Dempsey Hill, is changing that, with the help of The Great Spice Potluck, a monthly extravaganza that showcases the best of what different cuisines have to offer, thanks to consultants who help to guide and help with recipes that . For the month of October, the team managed to showcase the best of what Armenia has to offer, with the help of Nermine Mansour, food and travel writer, who was inspired by her three year journey in Armenia.  Bringing together a feast of recipes of the oldest cuisine passed down from generation to generation, The Great Spice Potluck managed to rustle up authentic dishes such as Armenian mezze, Eggplant Rolls, Pork Khorovatz, Lamb Qyabab, Zaatar & white cheese manoushe, platters of Tolma, Madzoon and more.

It’s not just the authenticity that makes the food at The Dempsey Project great. Thanks to the great technique of the chefs, as well as the tutelage of people like Ms Mansour, the Armenian menu is cooked to perfection.Starting off with the Armenian mezze means you’re already off to a great start.  Dishes like the Lamb Qyabab, for example, featured succulent lamb that’s filled with the smokiness of char-grill,especially when paired with rice pilaf. It’s a testament to how much they take culinary excellence into account at The Dempsey Project, as well as the importance of customer service and hospitality offered to their guests.

The team plans to continue The Great Spice Potluck for the rest of the year, with November’s promotion focusing on Persian cuisine and home-cooking. With the help of  consultants Hayedeh Sedghi, Mandira Lalvani and Moghul Mahal Restaurant, The Dempsey Project is commited to fill this collaboration on this special potluck with rich and heritage flavours, alongside The Dempsey Project’s best sellers. Check out dishes like the dahi puri chaat, a take on the street food that's creamy, light and yet filling, with just the right amount of sweetness thanks to the pomengranate seeds. 

Taking place every Wednesday evening throughout November from 5.30pm onwards, The Dempsey Project's The Great Spice Potluck is ready to welcome you to a Persian feast and traditional home-cooking. To make a reservation, WhatsApp them at +65 9238 2113.