Extension of Covid-19 Restrictions Frustrate F&B Operators

Extension of Covid-19 Restrictions Frustrate F&B Operators Another serback for the F&B community in Singapore as the Singapore Government extends the restrictions past the original date of October 25th for another month.  This was announced in a press conference  on Wednesday in an effort to curb and help the healthcare sector to cope with the new spike in cases that require hospitalisation. 

It's something that has been grating restauranteurs in Singapore, as well as Chefs and other F&B operators who are already trying to make do with the restrictions for only two vaccinated people to dine in, the lack of music, as well as other restrictions. A Straits Times articles written by Wong Ah Yoke highlights this, with him interviewing many chefs, restaurants and others to discuss the lack of clear goals for the F&B industry, one of the most affected industries in the fight against Covid-19. 

To read, go to: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/spore-restaurants-react-to-extension-of-covid-19-rules-with-frustration-ask-for-clearer for more information.