A Little Bit of Dignity, A Lot of Heart

A Little Bit of Dignity, A Lot of Heart image credit: Dignity Kitchen

The last few years have shown that when it comes to human behaviour, some people, in the face of a pandemic, would show two very extreme sides: one of extreme hate and selfishness, and one where supporting their friends and other people becomes important. 

This was the case when Dignity Kitchen posted a plea for help on Monday, posting pictures on Facebook showing empty chairs and tables at their venue, with the caption, "Once again empty tables at Dignity Kitchen”
Our differently abled colleagues awaiting for customers at the Entry and Cashier counter. Swing by to give us your support! Grab that muffin or that hot cup of tea/coffee to warm you up on this rainy day!"

And the support for the food establishment has been nothing but supportive and warm: the next day Dignity Kitchen's Facebook Page showed the rise in queues lining out the door, with many stopping by to try the fare: local hawker food that included wanton mee, Chinese claypot rice, rojak, lontong and nasi padang. " Singaporeans are a very kind lot! We can’t deny the “kampung” spirit still flickers in them," states the Facebook post the next day. "Following our post on our sparse food court today, all walks of life streamed in to give us their support! A very big thank you EVERYONE for putting a smile on our differently abled colleagues faces! Your support certainly goes a long way!! Not forgetting the social distance measures which were also in check!"

It's definitely a boon for the establishment, which has not had an easy start since opening earlier this year during the pandemic. Staffed by employees who are disabled, the establishment is a way to give jobs to disabled workers and help them fuel their passion to cook. And, with the pandemic raging, the restaurants, like many others, are having a tough time keeping themselves open. 

For more information on the establishment, or find a way to help, please go to: https://projectdignity.sg/dignity-kitchen/