Taco-ing About Tacos With Deliveroo and Guzman Y Gomez!

Taco-ing About Tacos With Deliveroo and Guzman Y Gomez! In celebration of National Taco Day on the 4th of October, Deliveroo, in partnership with Guzman Y Gomez, has helped to create limited-edition taco kits, exclusively available on National Taco Day.

On the 4th of October, any order of  either their regular hard or soft shell tacos from Guzman Y Gomez via Deliveroo will come with a taco-shaped carrier that allows you to tote around your box of tacos with pride. A smorgasbord of colours awaits as you open the kit to reveal illustrations of al lthe quintessential taco ingredients you can think of, from brightly coloured tomatoes, cucumbers to cheese. It also reveals a fun surprise: customers  who managed to snag the limited-edition kit will be rewarded with $20 worth of Delivero credits! Because nothing says ‘I love tacos’ like a taco-shaped kit full of yummy tacos.

Whether you are in the mood for soft or hard shell tacos, each taco is served with Guzman Y Gomez’s house-blend salsa, pico de gallo (freshly chopped salsa), Australian Jack cheese and a juicy lime wedge. But, you can still choose from the array of meat fillings that the restaurant still serves, including meat fillings such as grilled chicken, grilled steak, pulled pork and pan-seared barramundi. You can even opt to go vegan with the sautéed veggie with guacamole option.

These limited-edition taco kits will be available for delivery on Deliveroo on 4 October 2021, exclusively at Guzman Y Gomez’s Tanjong Pagar Centre and Funan Mall outlets, for $13, while stocks last. To sweeten the deal, the first 15 customers to order the limited-edition taco kit will receive free churros, the perfect desert to end your Mexican feast.