USA Seafood Party At the World Gourmet Summit!

USA Seafood Party At the World Gourmet Summit! The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) is proud to explore the world of fishes with you! In collaboration with Pacific Northwest Seafood, the team is curating a diverse selection of cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian-Asian with varied fishes from the Pacific!
Indulge in premium quality seafood from pristine cold waters of the Pacific Northwest such as Black Cod, Dover Sole, Rockfish and Sablefish!

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most diverse geographic regions of the United States. With the lush forests and pristine coastlines, bounded by the Pacific Ocean and coastal mountain range, this oceanic part of the region is home to many small fishing communities and some of the most sustainable and well-managed wild-capture fisheries in the world. With fisheries that include West Coast Groundfish, Pacific Hake and Oregon Pink Shrimp, their products are produced to the highest quality and food safety standards at the certified local seafood processing facilities. They produce a diverse verity of high quality wild-caught seafood products for any taste and preference, including Black Cod, Sole, Rockfish, Thornyhead, Pacific Hake (Whiting), Oregon Pink Shrimp, and many more. All products have been certified against the rigorous sustainability standards of the Marine Stewardship Council.
From 13th September to 24th October, unearth the charm of the aquatic world with 10 WGS partner restaurants, Grissini, HolyCrab, Kucina Italian Restaurant, Opio Kitchen & Bar, Peach Blossom, Permata, Punjab Grill, Tamarind Hill, and The Malayan Council.  
The special menu promotion will be available from:
13 September – 26 September

•           Peach Blossom
•           Permata
27 September – 10 October
•           Holy Crab
•           Kuchina
11 October – 24 October

•           Grissini
•           Opio
•           Punjab Grill
•           Tamarind Hill
•           The Malayan Council

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