A Decent Menu At Jigger & Pony!

A Decent Menu At Jigger & Pony! Jigger and Pony, second in the Asia's 50 Best Bars list and first in Singapore, has launched A Decent Menu, the fourth edition of Jigger & Pony’s series of menuzines since 2018. 

Having been launched since late August of 2021, the new menu, developed over the last few months, including the two Phase 2HA restrictions, is a thoughtfully-curated drinks list for people renewing connections in a pandemic – a celebration of people coming back together, conversing, and exchanging ideas. It's in the name after all, 'A Decent Menu', which is a reflection of what they hope people would say about this menu. 

The menu features over 20 cocktails ranging from redefined classics and signature tipples to punch bowls for sharing – all of which go hand-in-hand with the experience of connecting with others. Highlights of the new menu, featured in a menu that reads more like a miniature magazine, containing the thoughts of the bartenders and how they are getting through 2021. Menu highlights include drinks like the corn colada, a take on the pina colada that replaces the citrusy tang of the pineapple with the sweeter, creamier corn. Another highlight is their take on the supermojito, which has taken around 2 years of research and development to create. WIth the mint encased in ice, the result is a fresh, bewitching simple drink. 

And, with these drinks, take the time to savour them with a revamped bar bites menu that offere fascinating, delicious food you can enjoy on it's own as well! Highlights include the Jamon Iberico Toast, with stracciatella cheese and cultured butter on bread the soft, sweet contrast to the beautifully shredded Iberico ham.