A Korean Odyssey At MO Bar This September!

A Korean Odyssey At MO Bar This September! In a collaboration between famed Korean Bars in South Korea, MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental will be featuring a creative selection of cocktails from top bars in South Korea. This is a continuation of their Nomadic Cocktail Odyssey, which has in the past done so with cocktails from bars in Hong Kong.

These bars, which include Zest, Alice Cheongdam, Pine & Co. and Bar Cham, have each shared a signature cocktail in this collaboration, which incorporations ingredients from partners under the Remy Cointreau brand. This includes Wild Turkey Bourbon, Mount Gay Black Barrel, Remy Martin VSOP, Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2021, Campari, and Solomon’s Seal.

Drinks that are featured in this include the Soy Caramel from Zest (Wild Turkey Bourbon, Mount Gay Black Barrel, soy, Muscovado sugar and salted caramel cookie); the Mela Rosa from Alice Cheongdam (Remy Martin VSOP, 5 spices, walnut and baked apple), the Nuruk from Pine & Co. (Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2021, Nuruk, malt and white koji), and the Jeju Boulevardier from Bar Cham (Wild Turkey Bourbon, Campari, Solomon’s Seal, tangerine and sweet vermouth.) For drinks that pack a punch, we would recommend the Mela Rosa, whose sweetness does not bury the Remy Martin VSOP, and works well together; and for those looking for a strong aromatic drink that would go well with the food served at MO Bar, the Nuruk would be a great choice, served in a stone bowl of malt that adds to the smell of the drink.

 The menu will be available throughout September at the bar and for takeaway, and available for $22 each.