A Gentleman's Guide To Drinking and Murder

A Gentleman's Guide To Drinking and Murder Tippling Club has unveiled their innovative new bar menu, “A Guide to Modern Drinking, Volume II,” as a continuation of the story told with Volume I, which launched in late 2019.

While Volume I explored the past, presenting drinks through the lens of the classic French dishes of culinary legend Auguste Escoffier, Volume II takes a more artistic approach, drawing inspiration from modern art and celebrated artists. Conceived by Chef Ryan and Head Bartender Andrew Loudon, the menu features seven distinct categories offering a wide range of drink styles: Champagne Cocktails, Cocktails, Rocks, Highballs, Through the Ages, Mocktails and a section dedicated to classic cocktails using Lord Ryan’s Prohibition Gin, Tippling Club’s exotic spice-driven collaboration with Prohibition Liquor Co. Each of the 26 cocktails comes to life through complex culinary techniques, continuing the gastronomic journey of the Volume I menu. The epicurean creations blend innovative techniques and modern distillation methods with exotic ingredients and thoughtfully curated edible garnishes for a progressive cocktail experience. Across the first four sections of classic cocktail styles, each concoction translates an artistic masterpiece into a drinking experience.

Highlights include the savoury and herbaceous Ciphers & Constellations, a nod to Joan Miró’s renowned painting with dill, calvados, Sudachi lime, champagne and sherbet (S$22); the Basquiat-inspired Untitled (Skull) with chestnut, Nicaraguan rum, green apple, sandalwood and bitters (S$25);