Vignettes Into A Chef

Vignettes Into A Chef Have you accidentally run through the entire library of cooking documentaries on your Netflix? We’re pretty sure you might have, with the amount of time you’ve probably have accumulated. CreatorsLab, a local production house, has created an honest and unfiltered series titled The Creators. Featuring some of Asia’s top culinary creatives, the series aims to provide a platform to showcase and celebrate the best of Asia’s creatives.

You may ask, “But how does this documentary series compare to culinary documentaries series out in the world?” Well, this one is, in many ways, shaped by the main subject who lays out the thread that secondary documentary subjects then in a way picks up and elaborates or accentuate. In this official launch, the documentary episode focuses on chef owner and personality Bjorn Shen, who takes us in an upfront view of what his life has been about, from his youth to his restaurant Artichoke and omakase space, Smalls. In the 20min + documentary, with interspersed archival photos, videos of Chef Shen going about his daily life, and prepping food, the show is easy to consume, and would work while eating popcorn, or a quick lunch, perhaps one of Chef Shen’s take of the banh mi (approximately 1.4kg in weight).

It’s a very well shot documentary. Those looking for a full-fledged documentary on how Chef Shen is using his culinary genius to contribute to Singapore on a global level might be disappointed. The show keeps it simple: it focuses on Chef Shen’s thoughts and advice, what makes him tick, in his own words, and more about his business and what it means to him. And maybe that’s what makes it great: the show keeps it focused on the personalities, with a few secondary interviews from people around them. It's minimal, it's short and snappy, and it presents a close, singular narrative on the chefs.

“At CreatorsLab, we are both passionate about storytelling and the incredible culinary scene in Asia and feel that it doesn’t have the storytelling platform it fully deserves,” said Jon Lister,  CEO and Co-Founder of CreatorsLab. “CreatorsLab intends to become a platform for creatives in the culinary world to tell their stories and for those stories to be told in a truly cinematic way, with a global lens, on the international stage. Arguably more than anywhere else, forging a career in the F&B industry in Asia is fraught with challenges, and we have heard so many times that chefs have had to push against their parents and wider society’s views of their profession to achieve success.”

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