Lyre's To Set Your Summer On Fire in a Sober, Fun Way!

Lyre's To Set Your Summer On Fire in a Sober, Fun Way! 2020 and 2021 was the years that saw a new trend towards mindful drinking.  Companies such as Lyre's saw record numbers of participants, including up to one in four people in some markets take on non-alcoholic drinks, including record sales in January this year with explosive revenue growth of 538% globally compared to the same month last year, much of that driven by a significant 375% increase in first-time customers.

Now, to reach a much bigger market, select Cold Storage outlets will see sales of Lyre's first canned cocktails so that  people looking for more inclusive choices for people to enjoy the freedom of choice to enjoy their drink anytime, anywhere. The new cans are available in three flavours: G&T, Amalfi Spritz, and Classico, each to look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the original summer's cocktail favourites. In addition to the non-alcoholic benefit, this trio of tipples is vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free, with a calorie count of less than 69 per can.

We especially enjoyed the G&T, the drink that embodies the wonders of the classic Gin and Tonic with none of the alcohol for those looking for a respite from their favourite drink an yet still wish to join in on the fun. We also enjoyed the Amalfi Spritz which lent a citrus-y kick to the drink. All three flavours are a welcome retinue to the idea of summer fun for the sober club, in a refreshing, fresh wave to beat the heat!

What's more?  Lyre's will also have an upcoming promotion for National Day Weekend! If you are looking for some refreshing tipples over the long weekend break, from 1 to 9 August, with any purchase of 2 cases of 24 cans on the Lyre's e-commerce platform, shoppers can enjoy a free premium cooler bag from Lyre's. This cooler bag will be a great addition to anyone wanting to enjoy their ready-to-drink cocktails at the beach, park or wherever they will be enjoying the long weekend for Singapore's 56th.

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