Beef Up!

Beef Up! Meat's goodness cannot be undersold to the masses. However, what about it's health benefits?

That is what Sonia Osborne wanted to cover during her presentation on Monday, where she, along with Grand Hyatt Singapore Chef Lucas Glanville, took the opportunity to wax lyrical about the health benefits of beef when consumed. Working in conjunction with Meat Livestock Australia, Ms Osborne took charge to lead a webinar on Zoom on how True Aussie Beef  has properties that help to benefit the health of those who are looking for a more healthier lifestyle. With help from Chef Glanville, Ms Osborne helped to craft out healthy, beautifully made meals that center of beef as the star, all which was bundled up in a kit and sent to members of the media and influencers, all to illustrate the wonders of how you can craft good meat dishes in a nutritious, non-conventional way instead of relying on the usual standards of meat and potatoes.

Members who attended the webinar got to hear Ms Osborne explain how red meat, like beef, has nutrient diversity and contains potassium, zinc, iron, riboflavin, niacin, creatine and more, all which help fight symptoms like fatigue, depression, infections, hair loss and growth, and how to incorporate it into a diet, and at the same time hear how Chef Glanville is leading the charge to treat red meat and consume it in a sustainble, eco-friendly way, both concerns that MLA wish to address and advocate. Beef Up, the name of their campaign used to denote how one can become stronger with red meat in not just food but also in consumption and treatment. It was also great to hear how hospitality establishments like Grand Hyatt Singapore is working towards sustainability with meat products such as beef and lamb, setting the example for all establishments everywhere.