Designing a Good Hospitality Concept With EHL!

Designing a Good Hospitality Concept With EHL! Tourism and hospitality may seem to be a rather simple concept: extend something that clearly sells, ensure your guests have the best time of their lives, and bring in the best quality aspects of everything. But is it truly that simple? We took time to try out a quiz that was organised by the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the #1 hospitality management school in the world (according to QS ranking 2019-2021). Not only was it fun and fascinating, it also made us think: How does a good hotel and restaurant concept get created? How do you create one for a restaurant, bar, club, and hotel that has already been in the market for so long?

EHL Singapore believes that their new course, Designing Hotel and Restaurant Concepts Short Course, (from the 26th - 30th April 2021), will be able to impart that knowledge to those who sign up. The 5 day course will focus on presenting, illustrating and discussing what hospitality concepts are exactly, and how to design and implement them.  The course will come with presentations from the professor, guest speakers, case studies, workshops and participants groups’ presentations.  Students will also develop in groups a hospitality concept, as well as create a brand story. This course is particularly designed for people looking to start a business, those who hold a managing position in a hotel, private club, F&B group or hospitality-related business, with a minimum 5 years’ experience.  

On completion of this course, participants will be able to do the following:
  • Identify the 7 essential components that are part of every hotel or restaurant concept.
  • Apply a lifestyle segmentation to launch or reposition hospitality concepts.
  • Craft concept stories that go beyond products and services and translate them into an operational experience.
  • Leverage graphic design and interior design to bring a hospitality concept to life.
  • Develop an editorial guideline to tell the concept story through media content.
The course will be taught by Branding Expert and Founder of Creative Supply, Mr Youri Sawerschel, who runs a branding company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Mr Sawerschel has been involved with projects focused on creating, launching and managing brands in Europe, China and the Middle-East and has worked with brands as diverse as Kempinski Hotels, UBS, EPFL and Mondelez.

Curious  about how well your knowledge of a good design concept is? Try EHL’s quiz today and see how you fare! If you’re looking to gain valuable knowledge about developing hospitality concepts, sign up for the Designing Hotel and Restaurant Concepts short course here.