Michelin Guide Singapore Gastrobar Pop-Ups to Showcase The Best of the Mixology and Culinary Collaboration of Singapore!

Michelin Guide Singapore  Gastrobar Pop-Ups to Showcase The Best of the Mixology and Culinary Collaboration of Singapore!

Delving into ways to explore the world without leaving your home comes the newest way to invite Singaporeans and residents to visit countries through their palates, thanks to the MICHELIN Guide Gastrobar Pop-ups, in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board. 

With four bars (Tess Bar & Kitchen, Junior THE Pocket Bar, No Sleep Club, and Native) and four MICHELIN-recommended restaurants (Buona Terra, OLA COcina del Mar, Zén, Labyrinth)  carefully selected to showcase the variety and international diversity of Singapore’s F&B scene, each bar is paired with a restaurant to host a pop-up. These pop-up collaborations will highlight local ingredients in innovative ways to showcase the best of what each country has to offer, with 3-5 handcrafted cocktails paired with bites or snacks. One of these cocktails will be locally inspired, a testament to how the local cocktail scene has so much to offer.

 “We have seen the cocktail scene grow exponentially in Singapore over the past decade, placing it among the top capitals of the world when it comes to mixology,” says Nicolas Achard, Managing Director of Michelin Food & Beverage Asia. “It is thrilling for the MICHELIN Guide to bring the worlds of cocktails and food closer together to create new explorations and synergy between chefs and bartenders, and we hope this gives guests of both genres something to look forward to as they travel through their palate.”

Ms Ranita Sundra, Director of Retail and Dining, Singapore Tourism Board said: “We are excited to partner Michelin in offering locals new foodie experiences at the selected bars and MICHELIN-recommended restaurants. We encourage everyone to support our local chefs, bartenders and food personalities, while rediscovering our gastronomic culture in unexpected ways. We are also encouraged by the resilience and innovation of the local F&B industry in reinventing their offerings in these challenging times, while continuing to set Singapore apart as a top culinary destination.”

The four gastrobar themes and collaborators are:
1. Italian: Buona Terra x Tess Bar & Kitchen | 2nd & 3rd March 
2. Latin American: OLA Cocina del Mar x Junior The Pocket Bar | 9th & 10th March 
3. Nordic & Japanese: Zén x No Sleep Club | 16th & 17th March
4. Southeast Asian: Labyrinth x Native | 23rd & 24th March

With the first week’s preview complete, showcasing the best of Italy as well as Italian-inspired cocktails, highlights to look out for include the Angelo Azurro, made by Tess Bar & Kitchen’s Christyne Lee, which is paired with Buona Terra’s Ravioli, made by Chef Denis Lucchi. All the dishes and cocktails made are inspired by the wonders of Italy, but with a locally-inspired twist. Another highlight includes Chef Lucchi's Tiramisu, paired with Ms Lee's KOPI "Gu You" cocktail, which enhances the coffee elements of both with cream cheese.

The pop-up details  for the first collaboration are as follows:

Date: 2nd and 3rd March
Time: 6pm-8pm and 8.30pm-1.30pm
Menu price (per pax): $140++(includes 5 drinks and 5 food pairings)
Address: Tess Bar & Kitchen @38 Seah Street, Singapore 188394