La Espana Futbol Extravaganza!

La Espana Futbol Extravaganza! image taken from Spanish Extravaganza 2019

The Spanish Extravaganza festival has, in collaboration with LaLiga (The Spanish football league),have created a new concept called "Spanish Extravaganza by LaLiga", incorporating signature tapas inspired by the regional cuisine of each of the clubs associated with LaLiga.

It’s a way to combine two of Spain’s biggest exports: Spanish culture and cuisine, and Football.

"In Spain, fine food and football are everything. They are integral to our dreams, our family, our friends and our good and times and the bad. They remind us that we are an extraordinary country, and that our zest for life is admired the world over," remarks Dositeo Cela, director of Spanish Extravaganza.

Spanish Extravaganza will be responsible for organising and executing the project, and LaLiga will contribute its brand to promote it through its network of 46 delegates, present on five continents.

As soon as the public health conditions permit, and under strict safety standards, "Spanish Extravaganza by LaLiga" plans to visit Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Panama, Hungary, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and South Africa.