WGA 2021 Website Now Live For Nominations!

WGA 2021 Website Now Live For Nominations! For the 21st time since it’s inception, the World Gourmet Awards (WGA) 2021 is aiming to continue recognising the outstanding efforts of the culinary community, as well as distinguish those who strive for innovation, passion and elevation of Singapore’s culinary and hospitality industry, whether in organisations, companies, or individuals!

Held in conjunction with the World Gourmet Summit, the awards ceremony has attracted both local and international recognition as the standard that acknowledges the best Food & Beverage talent and products in Singapore!

It may seem as though a minute had only went by since the World Gourmet Awards (WGA) 2020, but nominations for the WGA 2021 is now open on the website, which will ultimately culminate with the commencement of the World Gourmet Summit on 17th May 2021.

The website to nominate your choices is now live, so please do follow these simple steps:
  • Go to this site (www.wgsawards.com/wga2021/main.php/vote/)
  • Click on ‘Vote as Guest’
  • Enter your details as Nominator.
  • Click on the awards category and choose the award to nominate your candidate
  • Enter Nominee’s details.
Please do not that you will only be able to nominate one person for every award.

Nominations open now till 31st December 2020, so take your time and make sure you show your appreciation for your candidates!