Gudsht Cocktails Available at Riviera Forlino and L'Entrecôte!

Gudsht Cocktails Available at Riviera Forlino and L'Entrecôte! Gudsht, the Singapore bottled cocktail label that rose to prominence after its successful launch in the midst of the pandemic, has recently released a set of cocktails exclusive to two of the Mediterreanean restaurants established in Raffles Place: Riviera Forlino and L'Entrecôte .

It’s a first for the brand as it drops their cocktail line in the restaurants, available for those look for a cocktail to pair with their dishes when dining in. Gudsht is also launching two new Mediterranean-themed cocktails exclusive to Riviera Forlino and L'Entrecôte – the aptly-named Amalfi Plunge and Wandering Tomate.

We had a taste of the Amaldi Plunge and Wandering Tomate, both drinks which are perfect for those looking for light cocktails which are easy to pair. The Amalfi Plunge, with a taste of peach bitters, lemon and lime, is the cocktail you drink when you are looking for something to refresh and sustain you after a long day out. Sweet and light , the drink with 13% ABV is a great drink for the end of the day. The Wandering Tomate, which features flavours of pineapple, tomatoes and grapefruit, is a subtler sweet concoction you can drink at the end of the day. Both drinks are perfectly suited to desserts with a citrusy profile. The exclusive Gudsht line will also be paired with an exclusive dessert menu that will be launching at Riviera Forlino soon, courtesy of Executive Chef Rémy Carmignani and Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Vergnole.

“ At Gudsht, we are happy to collaborate with Riviera Forlino after their Director of Culinary and Events, Angela May, reached out to us to come up with a collaboration for the cocktail program,” says Damian, who’s in charge of Client Relations at Gudsht “After discussion, we came up with the cocktail profiles first, with the help of our team of 5 talented mixologists and bartenders, and after two rounds of tasting, we whittled them down to the final 4 before presenting them to the clients. It’s always what the client wants that matters.”

Top selling products of Gudsht so far have been Unicorn Barf as well as Chng Tng, but the drink range offered will find a drink for the different type of drinker. So far, since Covid-19 started, the drink range has rapidly expanded to include and introduce different themes. “ We originally were considering launching a new drink every month, but now we launch based on collaboration,” explains Damian. “We’ve been thankful, and the team is so passionate and hardworking to make sure the launches go off fine. We’re all in this together.”

Shop the line of Gudsht cocktails here and book a table at Riviera Forlino to try the dessert menu here