Game-changing Meat For Convienience sake!

Game-changing Meat For Convienience sake! Those spending more time at home now have fresh new options for mealtime. Instead of having to tapau or order and wait for delivery, foodies can enjoy additive-free gourmet delights without having to step out, thanks to Direct To Masses.

It’s their solution to the modern need for convenience and comfort. With pre-cooked frozen meats that can be heated up and ready in under 30 minutes once you take them out of the freezer, it’s amazing to see how you can get gourmet meats made at your convenience and your own time. Direct To Masses offer meats that are made with love, then blast frozen for maximum freshness with no preservatives, while still offering restaurant quality meats as though they came fresh out of the oven.

Their signature product is the Roasted Pork Belly, with the added bonus of a year-long shelf life. Other highlights include the Duck Leg Confit, made with local duck, and aromatics such as thyme, bay leaf, and orange for titillating flavours, and cooked in duck fat for 12 hours. They’re also looking to produce upcoming meats for the holidays, including the Xmas Porchetta (launching in November), Bourbon Char Siew, and Lurou (braised minced pork), so customers can impress with ease at potluck parties, and their guests can tuck in guilt-free.

“Direct To Masses is big on modern convenience,” Kent Leong, co-owner of Direct To Masses and second-gen owner of roasted meats supply company De Tai Food Supply declared. “Instead of having to settle for lukewarm takeout laden with MSG, consumers now have a very compelling alternative that is as convenient as buying takeout, if not more.”

Interested readers can place an order via Direct To Masses’ website. Delivery is free for orders above $100 after any discount. Otherwise, delivery island-wide is a flat $8.