The New Riviera Forlino!

The New Riviera Forlino! Forlino's newest iteration begins with a new name (Riviera Forlino) and a brand new chef at the helm: Executive Chef Rémy Carmignani. 

The chef brings his wealth of experience to the table, having worked in Paris, Singapore and Doha, where he assisted Chef Guy Savoy in upholding three-Michelin star standards. He makes his return to Singapore with this, as well as his huge passion for food borne from his French grandmothers and Italian grandfathers, to Riviera Forlino.

“Cooking is one of the best ways to share feelings and emotions, with each bite being a moment of fleeting happiness, " say Chef Chef Rémy Carmignan. His cooking philosophy has been largely influenced by the recipes of his childhood and the warm, happy memories  that those dishes evoked.

With experience cooking across the globe in Europe, Africa and Asia, Chef Rémy creates dishes that arouse curiosity and stimulate the tastebuds, while showcasing the freshest produce of the season, sourced with the utmost respect to the environment. Each dish boasts Chef Rémy’s signature stunning execution and refined French sensibility.

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