Amazing Hokkaido Dishes That You Can Enjoy In Singapore!

Amazing Hokkaido Dishes That You Can Enjoy In Singapore! If you’re missing a chance to experience Japan, head down to  Amazing Hokkaido at Robertson Quay, and experience the wonders of the country all over again! From the furnishing and interior décor to the revamped menu, take a chance to dine on Japanese favourites!
Dish on the Individual Shabu Shabu Hotpot, one of which pays tribute to Hokkaido’s reputation as a seafood paradise. Each of the hotpot set features salmon, yellowtail, squid, assorted vegetables (leek, enoki mushroom, napa cabbage) and tofu! Choose between four Ishikari nabe-style soup bases: Original Seafood Shio, Prawn Shio, Shrimp Miso Bisque and Spicy Miso Soup, and all at affordable prices.
Yakitori-lovers will rejoice as their revamped menu also sees new items like Beef & Leek Skewers, Basil leaf & Bacon Skewers, Spinach & Bacon Skewers, Pork & Lettuce Skewers, and Pork Shiso Skewers.

So if you’re really craving for some authentic Japanese food, head on down to Amazing Hokkaido at Robertson Quay and reminisce about those happy days again!