Cloud Kitchens: Floating Above the Competition?

Cloud Kitchens: Floating Above the Competition? image credit: Grab

The future of F&B may not be restaurants, or celebrity chefs, but cloud kitchens: the new way of looking at food preparations and delivery platforms. They are gaining ground as food delivery platforms are fast becoming commonplace, and the global pandemic has also accelerated or pushed the use of this food delivery model. 

Singapore plays host to a few cloud kitchens, with companies like Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and Smart City Kitchens having kitchens for delivery platforms. The latest to join is GrabKitchens, which started testing in Indonesia and recently opened their doors in Singapore earlier this year.
It helps that Grab has become a household name in Singapore, and will remain a key market as it continues to research and develop its cloud kitchen based on their vast database and information platform. The recent lockdown and governmental measures set up have also proved how the delivery model has become pertinent to the business.  

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